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Reverse Cell Phone Lookup

To start your reverse phone lookup today, simply type the number below to find information including name, address, line details, carrier information and further background information for any phone number. All searches are 100% legal and discreet. Begin by typing their number below:

Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Glossary  
Ex: 555-555-5555

Using Google For Reverse Phone Lookups

You can use Google to find out who owns a listed land line phone number. Because the search engine just searches a large database which is the culmination of merging all the residential phone books from around the US, you can only find basic information for land lines.

Although this service is free and fast, it's important to note that most of the information it brings back is out of date or unreliable. What's more, it only comes back with name and address meaning that you can't actually see any background information for it, etc.

In essence, it's a very basic reverse phone lookup which is why it shouldn't be relied on too much and should just be used as a "first step" in finding out the details of someone (as we cover on our homepage).

As demonstrated by the video below, all you need to do in Google to perform a reverse phone lookup is to head to and then type "phonebook: xxx xxx xxxx" where each x is a digit of the phone number.

Considering your search is successful, it should bring up some name and address information for it.




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